South Carolina Intellectual Property Litigation

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I realized real quickly in private practice how “easy” it would be to advise clients to avoid all risks (and opportunities, and profits!). Clients want realistic / practical advice on how to move forward, understanding as best they can (with available information), the risks and options available to them. Whether in litigation or in advising on potential transactions or other issues, we fully employ all our resources and creativity to help our clients find the best possible solutions to their issues. We are also dedicated to understanding your business so we can work WITH you to ensure that you receive maximum value from the engagement.

Client Focused Fee Arrangements

As a small firm, we have the flexibility to, first, listen to our clients, and second, to create fee based relationships that suit the client’s needs while also maintaining incentives for obtaining the best result for the matter at issue. This includes traditional hourly rate billing, flat fees (on occasion), blended hourly and contingent fees, as well as contingent fee arrangements.

Intellectual Property

As a registered patent attorney with years of trial and court room experience, we are uniquely situated to handle any litigation or client counseling issue related to intellectual property. This includes patent litigation, trademark litigation, copyright litigation, trade secret litigation, and counseling related to these issues.

Commercial Litigation

South Carolina is a relatively small state such that my practice also includes most all types of commercial litigation. My years of experience in counseling clients on whether or not to file suit, and how to get the results they desire from any particular situation contribute to our ability to draft and revise contracts, as well as litigate business disputes. This includes lending disputes, operational banking matters, partnership disputes, complex regulatory and contract matters, and other matters.

Fraud Litigation

Related to the above, I have been fortunate to work on numerous large scale fraud cases, including working with prosecutors on dual tracked criminal and civil suits. This experience and the team of professionals we work with to handle these cases has been a very rewarding experience.

Client Counseling

Experience litigating transactions gone bad, as well as employee disputes, lender / borrower disputes, franchise disputes and other commercial and IP related matters enables us to provide unique insight and value to clients in need of assistance and advice on how to start, stop, or continue business relationships.