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Value of Trial Readiness

I grew up the son of a trial lawyer, and witnessed my first jury trial as a teenager. It was a defamation case in upstate Spartanburg County. Dad’s client lived in the country and sued the local newspaper for repeatedly referring to him as the “Toxic Waste Man,” after others dumped chemicals on his property. I was immediately fascinated by the process, particularly the credibility of the witnesses, the role of the judge and jury, and how a well prepared lawyer could influence the outcome. Later, after witnessing several of my father’s trials, including a groundwater contamination case with multiple defendants, I knew I wanted to be in the courtroom and “in the game.” Well, as far as being “in the game,” the legal profession will never disappoint.

In my years of practice, somewhat unfortunately, the excitement of trials has been replaced with pleadings, motions, discovery disputes, time wasted scheduling and rescheduling depositions, arguing over seemingly mundane issues in confidentiality orders, discovery, and other procedural matters.

This experience has also re-proven to me that, as lawyers, we must continue to prepare all of our cases for trial. Our firm is focused on the evaluation of the cases we accept for presentation at trial and preparing them for trial from the beginning, while also recognizing the value of a final resolution for our clients.

Technology / Productivity

Technology is developing faster than most lawyers or law firms can keep up. Our firm is committed to evaluating and utilizing the latest in useful technology, and in constantly looking for methods and tools to become more productive and more efficient in serving our clients. The use of technology to gather, organize and evaluate documents and the countless creative ideas that flow through the litigator’s mind, as well as to present in depositions, hearings and trial is a cornerstone of our practice.