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Are Employee Non-Competes Good Policy? Many ways to Skin a Cat, Trade Secrets, Non-Solicitations, Confidential Information / NDA

Posted in Confidential Information, Injunctions, Jury Issues / Trial, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Policy, Trade Secrets

At least two states, Michigan this year and Massachusetts in 2014, have proposed legislation to curtail / eliminate the rights of parties (i.e., employers) with respect to non-compete agreements. The Michigan proposal would make “void” any non-compete agreements not related to the sale of a business. California has banned these agreements for years and agreements ……

The Rule of Law – Does It Make a Difference?

Posted in Constitution, General

Recently, my friend and U.S. Congressman Trey Gowdy spoke about the Rule of Law, specifically with respect to the President’s recent Executive Order regarding Immigration. With gridlock in D.C. being the norm, expect to hear a lot more about Executive powers. For example, commentators are suggesting Roberts is looking at approving some aspects of Obamacare ……

What about the Statute of Frauds (?), said the “Uniform Electronic Transactions Act” (UETA)

Posted in Electronic Signatures, General, Injunctions, Jury Issues / Trial, Real Estate

Despite its enactment in 2004 in most all of the 50 states, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (“UETA”) has not received the amount of attention one might expect. This is particularly true with respect to real estate transactions, for which it seems an overwhelming majority of real estate agents, brokers, realtors and others in the ……

Motive – Help Yourself

Posted in General, Jury Issues / Trial, Trademarks

I hope everyone is having a wonderful June. Extremely busy here. School is out. Our three teenage sons are all playing summer baseball on high school and college fields throughout the Southeast, swimming on the Rockbridge Swim Team, as well as working, lifting weights, going to Palmetto Boys State, The Naval Academy Summer Session, and ……

Give it Away… Do What?

Posted in General

In May 2012, in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, I met Kevin O’Keefe with LexBlog. Kevin was invited as a speaker by another one of the member law firms in the Law Firm Alliance. I had been very interested in blogging at that point in time, and shortly thereafter chose to start a ……

Civility at the Courthouse, and More than a “Mess of Blues”

Posted in Justiciable Controversies

Non-lawyers in court are living through real life stressful situations, including possible criminal convictions, jail time, divorce, child custody battles, child support payments, time away from their loved ones, large and small civil disputes, and more. These people’s blues can be much more than the “Mess of Blues,” recounted in the music of Elvis and ……